Flawless Construction

Benches Direct wooden benches are constructed with:

• Utmost Care
• S.A.B.S. Approved Materials
• Sturdiest Possible Design
 Both Glue and Screws, Ensuring Durability
 Only selected, S.A.B.S approved Solid Wood (No cheaper, second hand, pallet or finger jointed pieces) are used in our quality furniture.
• Four Coats of Exterior UV Repellant Sealer

Wood Tints

Our traditional finish is mahogany. However, we are able to tint, colour or wash according to your specific requirements.

Table Tops and Seats

Table tops and seats have three to five supports (depending on size) instead of the usual two. This drastically reduces warping and distorting due to constant weather exposure.

Non-traditional Diagonal Supports

Two non-traditional diagonal supports to the table top provide extra sturdiness, preventing looseness and instability over time.

Footrest Bench Construction

Our bench design includes a footrest, providing a sturdy guide for an umbrella, eliminating the need for a heavy umbrella base.

Benches Direct's Classic Range

  • Seats have three slats on which to sit

  • Table is comprised of seven slats

  • 4 coats of weatherproof sealant

  • 4-seater is 1200mm wide

  • 6-seater is 1600mm wide

  • 8-seater is 2000mm wide

Benches Direct's Budget Range

  • Seats have two slats on which to sit

  • Table is comprised of five slats

  • 2 coats of weatherproof sealant

  • 4-seater is 1000mm wide

  • 6-seater is 1400mm wide

  • 8-seater is 1800mm wide